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Protecting Lone Workers in Cleaning Industry

It is important to establish a healthy and safety environments to all your employees, in particular the Lone Workers. Also, the law requires employers to provide a safe enivronment and a proper training for those who work alone.

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How to choose HR software for SME's

There are more companies adapting to HR Software than ever before. Whether it is on premises or cloud based, there are no limitations. SAAS based HR services are most suitable for small and medium business. With SAAS based HR Software, you don’t have worry about long term licensing or need for technical expertise.

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Need for Workforce Management Solutions

Absence management is a top concern for the employers as it cost around 31.1 billion per year, according to PWC. In its research Workforce Software found that 47% of the companies it surveyed indicated that they want to prioritize absence and leave management. 55% of the companies indicated that lack of real time communication is the cause to manage employee absence

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Benefits of using Workforce Management App for Cleaning Companies

For any cleaning company managing employees is the most difficult task. In cleaning industry wages represent more than 70% of Industry revenue. Therefore it is of utmost importance for companies to invest in technology to monitor your employees efficiently to reduce any unwanted expenses.


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