Real time attendance

Track your employee attendance in real time

Data from any of our attendance devices is available immediately on the web application. Managers can monitor this data in real time and choose to receive alerts on late comings or absence.

Schedule Management

Flexible and easy to manage schedules

Manage shifts and schedules without any conflicts or overlaps. You can assign right employees to right jobs whether it is for temporary job or long term. Have better insights into your requirement and forecast your budget accurately.

Automated Wages Calculation

Hassle free and fully automated

Wages are integrated to attendance and absence management to help you reduce manual work. Managers can now focus on more important tasks which are productive.

Inventory Management

Stay on top of your inventory across all locations

Get real time updates on inventory across all the locations. Keep track of your equipments and supplier across all site. Stocks can be requested by the employees or supervisors through mobile or web app.