There are more companies adapting to HR Software than ever before. Whether it is on premises or cloud based, there are no limitations. SAAS based HR services are most suitable for small and medium business. With SAAS based HR Software, you don’t have worry about long term licensing or need for technical expertise.

These services are available in various subscriptions model.

  • Free SAAS Software
  • Limited period trail based HR Software
  • Advanced HR Software
  • Free SAAS Software

    There are many start ups such as Timbarrel, which offers you free HR software. They will offer you basic features which are absolutely free. You only pay if you want to access more advance features. Timebarrel offers you free mobile application and web application for your basic HR needs. They include Self check in time and attendance on mobiles, web application to monitor your staff attendance in real time, leave management and help you start digitalizing your HR activities. You only need to pay if you want to access advanced features such as Geo Location, Lone Worker Safety features, Analytics, Employee screening and few other advance features. Free SAAS based HR software can be starting to point for SME’s to find out if it is the right solution.

    Limited period trail based HR Software

    If you are more serious about adapting and Cloud based HR software then you can start exploring the software on trail basis. Almost every cloud based software provider offer you a trail version ranging from 7 days to 30 days. This period should be enough for companies to identify the right SAAS solutions. The solutions and features vary from vendor to vendor. They include Employee screening, time and attendance, Analytics, payroll and benefits, performance management and many more.

    Advanced HR Software

    Advanced HR management system has many more options. These are suitable for organizations with more than 500 employees. They include learning management, employee screening and background checks, advanced performance management, internal communication system, payroll, benefits management and everything to do with HR.

    Every SAAS based HR Software comes with their own advantages. You can choose your own based on your budget and requirement. Explore your options today, and find the right product for your organization needs. Timebarrel offers you a cloud based HR software starting from free service to a minimal price. To know more about Timebarrel send any email to We will get in touch with you.

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