Easy to Use


Your staff can select the site from multipe sites you have scheduled them to work. Add the sites on web application and let the employee select the sites from the drop down for which they are allocated.


We know your employees come from different locations. That is why we have made the app available in multiple languages making it convenient for Non English speakers.

Benefits of the App


Easy for employees to Clock In/Out with just a click of the button. Managers have the convenience of seeing the location of each staff as per the scheduled jobs

Quick Messages

Employees can send quick messages to managers such as informing about late comings or any important messages.

Panic Alerts

Panic button that allows staff to request for help in case of emergenies. Gives you the location so that help can reach the staff quickly


Allows your staff to click and share the photos from sites giving you updates on the job. Stock the images on web application and access them when required

Inventory Requests

Easy for staff to request inventories from sites when they are running low. Manage inventory requests on web application and allocate as requried

Schedule & Profile

Gives your staff option to check your their schedule and making sure they wont be late or miss any jobs. They have access to their log reports for the jobs they have worked which helps you keep your payroll transparent.

To get in touch

Email: info@timebarrel.co.uk, Call: +44 7568728254