Need for Workforce Management Solutions


Absence management is a top concern for the employers as it cost around 31.1 billion per year, according to PWC. In its research Workforce Software found that 47% of the companies it surveyed indicated that they want to prioritize absence and leave management. 55% of the companies indicated that lack of real time communication is the cause to manage employee absence. This makes it harder for the managers to find replacement at the last moment. This influences them to look for automated workforce management software.

Manager depending on manual process is also another major concern, it is reported that 70% of the respondent have indicated that they still have too much manual process to do.

The most common functionalities done manually on paper are –

  • 52% of the respondents indicated of manual scheduling
  • 41% are doing manual labour analytics
  • 36% still use manual time and attendance
  • For choosing a workforce management system, 64% have indicated that they seek solutions which are user friendly and their second most concern is their integration. Other concerns were its functionality, which is reported by 52% and analytics by 36%.

    Aberdeen Group report, , indicates that UK organization are more likely to implement workforce management solutions in comparison to international counterparts. It also reveals that organizations, which use workforce management solutions, perform better in comparison to their competitors.

    Companies have responded that automation of time and attendance, absence management and scheduling helps improve the productivity and margins. 33% says that it reduces overtime costs, 29% says it leads to increase in profit as a result of automation and 31% says automated time and attendance results in profit per Full time Equivalent.

    As cloud based application does not require much time in implementation, it reduces burden for IT support staff. They are also less expensive and offer self-service to employees and managers. This helps HR and Management focus on value additions and strategic decisions

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