Protecting Lone Workers in Cleaning Industry


It is important to establish a healthy and safety environments to all your employees, in particular the Lone Workers. Also, the law requires employers to provide a safe enivronment and a proper training for those who work alone.

Who are Lone workers?

As per HSE "lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision". This can be working alone or working separately from the rest of the team.

Jobs involving loneworkers

Jobs involving loneworkers are those where-

  • Someone who is working in a small establishment such as shops or petrol stations
  • A Person who works alone in a factory or wearhouse from rest of the employees
  • A person who works alone outside the normal hours such as security guards or Cleaners
  • Someone working in construction sites or plants or any similar establishments
  • Lone Working in cleaning Industry

    Often cleaners work individually without any supervision. Most of the times they work outside the normal hours which may be late night or early mornings further adding to isolation.

    Employer’s responsibility

    Employers have a duty to evaluate the risks to lone workers and take necessary steps to avoid or minimize where possible. By law employers should consult all of their employees on health and safety procedures. Employees should be properly trained to handle any unexpected circumstances. They should be aware of risks involved in the work and that of location they are working.


    Employers should have proper procedure to monitor the lonewokers. Managers or supervisors can visit the location periodically or contact them over phone.

    Timebarrel and Loneworker safety

    With Timebarrel app you don’t just manage their time but also give them additional security. Cleaners can use the app to report any emergency. This may include any accident, medical emergency, theft or any other issues. The app then generate alert to multiple people notifying the emergency via SMS or Email by giving the location and name of the employee in distress.

    There are plenty of apps or devices available in the market to protect loneworkers. Each of them addresses different Lone worker situations, choose them as per your needs.

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