Benefits of using Workforce Management App for Cleaning Companies


For any cleaning company managing employees is the most difficult task. In cleaning industry wages represent more than 70% of Industry revenue. Therefore it is of utmost importance for companies to invest in technology to monitor your employees efficiently to reduce any unwanted expenses.

To become more efficient companies need to get rid of manual process and automate everything including Time & Attendance, Scheduling and Payroll etc.

Timebarrel has the right solutions for you to automate your process and manage your day to day tasks more efficiently and profitably

Timebarrel has the right solutions for you to automate your process and manage your day to day tasks more efficiently and profitably

  • Time & Attendance
  • Lone Worker Safety
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Geo Location
  • Schedule management
  • Payroll Integration
  • Time & Attendance

    Your cleaning staff can log in and log out using Timebarrel app. All they need to do is just to select the site and press clock In or Clock Out. In case if you doubt that there is a scope for proxy or they can Log In or Log Out. Don’t worry; we will collect the geo location from the place they have checked In and Checked Out.

    Lone Worker Safety

    We have also taken care of employees who work alone. Keeping it into consideration, we have added number of safety feature such as panic button, where employees can contact emergency services when they feel not safe or they have any medical emergency. GPS location is used to monitor employee safety and also to locate them when in distress

    Maintenance Alerts

    Occasionally, you will face maintenance issues at sites. With Timebarrel app, employees can notify their supervisor or managers quickly by taking a picture and sending it to them. Employee can also inform if the site is running out of any resources and can request the inventory through app.

    Geo Location

    Once you’re cleaning staff Logs In at site, Timebarrel tracks their Geo location continuously until the Sign Out. This will help you to check if the employees or wandering around after reaching the site or they working promptly. Geo location also helps you to track your employee day to day attendance and also acts as very useful tool for Employees Safety.

    Schedule management

    Employees are always updated about their shifts with the app. They can check their week long or monthly shift timing on Timebarrel app. They can opt for notification so that they will never miss their shift or reach late to the site. Employees can also notify manager if they are unable to reach sift on time or they can request for shift swaps. They can also check their previous time and attendance for each shift.

    Payroll Integration

    Finally, the most cumbersome process for any managers is updating wages manually. Going through each employee’s time sheet and updating to the payroll is very time consuming process. With the help of Timebarrel you can automate your payroll process and spend your time on more productive tasks.

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